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International Year of Chemistry 2011  Includes daily updates with interesting facts about the chemistry of ordinary things by the Society for Science and the Public. A youth edition and companion to their publication Science News. You can also find information about the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair as well as the Intel Science Talent Search. 

Earth Science Resources provided by Mark Francek and Kellie DeSchutter (links correct as of December 2011. )

This week’s 10 December 2011 Earth Science Sites of the Week will be different from past mailings. I was blessed with a wonderful student, Kellie DeSchutter, who completed an independent study updating an Alphabetized Earth Science Animations (AESA) list which I had posted years ago.  In revising the document, Kellie focused on animations that pertained to multiple learning modalities (i.e. visual animation with audio description, etc.), contained real world applications, or were interactive, allowing students to manipulate variables. After this, she sorted the animations in accordance with National Standards for Earth Science and 5th, 6th, and 7th grade Michigan Science Grade Level Content Expectations.  Kellie  is a senior student at Central Michigan University with a major in integrated science and minors in mathematics and middle level education.  Kellie will graduate in May 2012 after completing  her student teaching at Clare Middle School in Clare, MI.

Note: Some of these applications require you to download Java or Shockwave/Flash.  Depending on what browser you use (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) some links may not work properly.  For instance, if you open a link and it is filled with a page full of symbols, letters, and numbers, copy the link into a new window and hit refresh. 
Absorption – EM RadiationAccidental Discoveries – Gamma Ray BurstsAcid Mine Drainage Remediation 1Acid Mine Drainage Remediation 2Acid RainAdiabatic – Dry vs. Wet RatesAdiabatic ProcessesAgricultural Runoff – Gulf of New MexicoAlpine Glacier – MoraineAntarctica,  Antarctica – Drilling to the CoreAntarctica – Sea IceAntarctic Ice Sheet Movement 1Antarctic Ice Sheet Movement 2AphelionAquifer – Quality (Robocow)Arch FormationArctic Climate Change – Global WarmingArctic Climate SystemArctic HazeArctic Seafloor – ExplorationArctic Sea ChangesArtesian AquiferAstrobiologyAstronomy TheoriesAtmosphere ExplorationAtmosphere – Vertical StructureAtmospheric LayersAtollAtom BuilderAurora BorealisAurorasAvalanche FormationAvalanche Town
Balloons and Buoyancy – PHET InteractiveBalloons and Static Electricity – PHET InteractiveBank ErosionBaymouth BarBeach ProfileBedloadBering Ice BridgeBioaccumulationBiogeochemical Cycles (scroll to Chap. 58), BiomesBirth of a Supernova – Type 1ABirth of a Supernova – Type 2Blackbody RadiationBlackbody Spectrum – PHET InteractiveBlack HoleBlack Hole – InteractiveBlack SmokerBody Weight – PlanetsBraided StreamBuild and Island 1Build an Island 2
Carbon Capture 1Carbon Capture 2Carbon Capture and SequestrationCarbon CycleCarbon Sink – TreesCarbonate PlatformsCaves and KarstCave – FeaturesCave – Formation 1Cave – Formation 2Cave – Life ConditionsCave – VirtualCave Formation – Biogeochemical CyclesCelestial Sphere 1Celestial Sphere 2Celestial Sphere – SunChanges in Lake Ice and SnowChemical Weathering – Clay FormationChicken Waste and Water PollutionCirculation – GlobalCirculation – Global (11.2)Clastic RocksClimate and Human EvolutionClimate and Seasons – Effects of Earth’s PositionClimate ChangeClimate Change – Adaptation and MitigationClimate Change – AfricaClimate Change – Arctic EcosystemClimate Change – Atmospheric ParticlesClimate Changes – DiatomsClimate Change – Glacial CluesClimate Change – Glaciers 1Climate Change – Glaciers 2Climate Change – Greenland Ice SheetClimate History – Glacial Ice CoresClimate – Jet StreamsClimate – Land MassesClimate ModelsClimate ZonesCloud Types 1Cloud Types 2Clues From Past ClimatesCoalCoal – FormationCoal – MiningCoal – TechnologyCoastal Cliffs – HawaiiCoastal Geologic ProcessesCoastal Geological SedimentsCoastal StraighteningCoastsCold Front,  Collecting Data – Below Earth’s SurfaceColloid – SoilCombined Sewer OutflowsComet Impact – EncounterComet TailComposite VolcanoCompost PileCone of DepressionConserving TopsoilConvective Cloud SystemsConvergent Boundaries – ActivitiesContouring – Elevation 1Contouring – Elevation 2Contouring – SpacingContouring – ValleysContouring – Weather, Convection – MantleCoriolis – AirplaneCoriolis – Merry-Go-RoundCrossbedding – FormationCrystallizationCyclogenesis (13.1)
Dam RemovalDark MatterDeath Valley – GeologyDeep Ocean Currents (audio)Deep Sea VentsDeep TimeDeforestation in BoliviaDeglaciation – North AmericaDemographic TransitionDemographic Transition – InteractiveDenudationDelta Loss – LouisianaDesalinizationDiamond – ExplorationDiamond – FormationDiamonds – Dating EarthDiamonds – InclusionsDinosaursDinosaurs – ExtinctionDinosaurs – Fossils,Difference Between Weather and ClimateDisappearing Aral SeaDoppler EffectDredgeDredgingDrill and Blast – ExplanationDrill and Blast – ExplosionDroughtDrought – 12 Week U.S. PatternDune – FormationDune – Types 
Early MammalsEarthflow – AnimationEarthflow – LiveEarth History – Short 1Earth History – Short 2Earthquake – Alaska 1964Earthquake – FocusEarthquake – ModuleEarthquake – Prediction 1Earthquake – Prediction 2Earthquake – ResearchEarthquake – Security CameraEarthquake – SoundEarthquakesEarthquakes – Earth HistoryEarthquakes – Los AngelesEarthquakes – San FranciscoEarth StructureEarth SystemEarth SystemsEarth TriviaEccentricityEclipseEclipse – Interactive,  Eclipse – Lunar 1Eclipse – Lunar 2Ecliptic – Celestial SphereEcosystems – QuizEinstein’s Cosmic Speed LimitElectromagnetic SpectrumEllipseEl NinoEl Nino and La NinaEl Nino – Hurricane FormationEnergy – EcosystemEnergy SourcesEnergy Transfer – Cond., Convec., Rad.Energy UseEnvironment CleanupEquilibrium Line – GlacierEquinoxErosion – FarmingErosion Formed LandscapesEutrophicationEvaporationExoplanetsExpedition 8 CrewExponential Population Growth – Fish
Faults – Types 1Faults – Types 2Faults – Types 3Fire – PhysicsFissionFlood – Farming and ErosionFlood – U.S.Flood Plain – DevelopmentFlood Plain – HabitatsFossils – Dinosaur BonesFossils – Falls of Ohio,Fossils – FormationFossils – Indiana SeaFossils – TypesFrackingFriction – FlyballsFrogs – SingingFrontsFuel CellsFuel Cells – CarFusionFusion – Stars
Galaxy – CollisionGalileo on the MoonGalileo – Sun-Centered SystemGalileo – SunspotsGalileo’s Discoveries – Jupiter’s MoonsGamma Ray BurstGamma Ray Burst – InteractiveGamma Ray Burst TheoriesGamma RaysGas LawsGas Properties – PHET InteractiveGeocentric ModelGeologic History – Rock CycleGeologic History – SedimentationGeologic TimeGeologic TimescaleGeologyGeospatial RevolutionGeospatial Revolution – GeographyGeospatial Revolution – GIS 1Geospatial Revolution – GIS 2Geostationary OrbitGeostrophic WindsGeothermal EnergyGeyser EruptionGISGlacial Change – Field ResearchGlacier – Advance/RetreatGlacier – Advance/Retreat LiveGlacier – CalvingGlacier – Crevasses,  Glacier – ModuleGlacier – Sea Level ChangeGlacier Landforms – DepositionalGlacier Movement – BurrenGlacier Movement – FastestGlaciersGlaciers – PHET InteractiveGlobal Radiation Balance, Global RainfallGlobal Trends QuizGlobal Warming 1Global Warming 2Global Warming – ActivitiesGlobal Warming – Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse EffectGlobal Warming – CaribouGlobal Warming – Earth’s AlbedoGlobal Warming – Physics of Greenhouse EffectGlobal Warming – ShishmarefGlobal Warming – SimulationGlobal Warming – Water SupplyGPS 1GPS 2Graded StreamGrand Canyon – FormationGrand Canyon – Top 2 Rock LayersGrand Canyon – Youngest RocksGrass BridgeGravityGravity and Orbits – PHET InteractiveGravity and the Expanding UniverseGravity – By PlanetGravity – MoonGreat Lakes – FormationGreat Lakes – Water SupplyGreat Red SpotGreen EnergyGreenhouse EffectGreenhouse Effect – PHET InteractiveGreenland Glaciers,GroundwaterGroundwater – ArsenicGroundwater – Audio VideoGroundwater – ContaminationGroundwater – SpeedGulf Stream 
HachuresHail – FormationHaiti – Eroding NationHanging ValleysHeadward ErosionHeat IslandHeliocentric Model – Retrograde MotionHole in the OzoneHot Spot – HawaiiH-R Diagram – Interactive 1H-R Diagram – Interactive 2H-R Diagram – Interactive 3Hubble MoviesHubble Space Telescope 1Hubble Space Telescope 2Human Impacts on Earth, Hurricane – Aim (Google ‘Hurricane Aim Animation’ and click on the first link),Hurricane – Cross Section (16.3)Hurricane – DevelopmentHurricane – FormationHurricane – HistoryHurricane – ModuleHurricane – New OrleansHurricane – Predicting,  Hurricane – SatelliteHurricane – Water TemperatureHurricane Katrina – ScientistHurricane TrackerHydrocarbon TrapsHydroelectric PowerHydrologic CycleHydrologic Cycle – InteractiveHydrologic Cycle – Quiz
I Can’t Afford My Gasoline (Humor)Ice Ages – AnimalsIce Ages – InteractiveIce and Global WarmingIce SheetIce Shelf/Sheet SimulationIgneous Rock – TypesIf the Ice MeltsInflatable Moon HabitatInfrared Absorption (2.11) Infrared EnergyInfrared Gallery 1Infrared Gallery 2Infrared Space Exploration 1Infrared Space Exploration 2Inverse Square LawIreland – Glaciated LandscapeIsland Formation – HawaiiIsostasy,Isotherms – GasIsotherms – World Patterns
Jack Pine – PyrophyllicJames Webb Vs. HubbleJet Stream (11.9)Jet Stream 1Jet Stream 2,  Jet Stream 3Jet Stream – 5 DaysJupiter – Earth’s Shield
Katrina – Interactive TimelineKepler’s 1st LawKepler's 2nd LawKepler's 3rd LawKoppen Classification – Map 
Landfill Cross – SectionLandslide – Bay AreaLandslide – ColumbiaLandslide – ItalyLandslide – TypesLatent HeatLava – Hawaii 1Lava – Hawaii 2Lava Flows – HawaiiLava Flows – TypesLava Tube – VirtualLayers of Rock – Grand CanyonLife Before OxygenLightning 1Lightning 2Lightning – Stages (15.23)LiquefactionLoessLongitude/LatitudeLosing Permafrost in Alaska
Magnetic NorthMagnetic ReversalsMammoth CaveMantle PlumeMap Projection – ProblemMap Projection – TypesMap ScaleMap – TerrainMars 1Mars 2Mars 3Mars 4Mass ExtinctionMass WastingMass Wasting – ModuleMeanders 1Meanders 2Melting PermafrostMetamorphic Rock –FormationMetamorphic Rock – Rock CycleMeteor – Interactive 1Meteor – Interactive 2Meteor – LiveMilankovitch CycleMine Explosion – Pike River MineMineral GrowthMineral WeatheringMineralsMiningMining – PollutionMississippi River DeltaMohs ScaleMolecules and Light – PHET InteractiveMoonMoon – ExplorationMoon – Far Side ViewMoon – FormationMoon – Phases 1Moon – Phases 2Moon – Phases InteractiveMoon – OriginMoon – StudiesMoon – Synchronous OrbitMoon – TemperatureMountain FoldingMountain Weather 1Mountain Weather 2Mountains – Grand CanyonMt. St. HelensMt. St. Helens – Before and AfterMt. St. Helens Eruption – Cross Section, Mt. St. Helens Eruption – FootageMycoremediationMy Solar System – PHET Interactive
Natural Gas MiningNew PlanetNisqually GlacierNitrogen Cycle 1Nitrogen Cycle 2, Nitrogen Cycle 3 (Google “Nitrogen Cycle Animation and click on the 2nd link), Non Point PollutionNorth Dakota Badlands – Geology
ObliquityObserve CloudsOcean Conveyor BeltOcean Currents 1Ocean Currents 2Ocean Currents and ClimateOcean Currents – ShipwrecksOcean Depth – Dissolved OxygenOcean Floor – Zones Drag/DropOcean HydrographyOcean Temperatures and ClimateOcean Warming – Food WebOhio River – FormationOil and Natural Gas ModuleOil ContaminationOil FormationOil SpillOil Spill – Exxon ValdezOpen Pit MiningOrbital VelocityOrders of MagnitudeOrigins of LifeOrigins – GameOrographic Effect, Oxbow Lake Formation (Google “Oxbow Lake Formation Animation” and click on the second link), Ozone Creation (Troposphere)Ozone DepletionOzone HoleOzone Layer
PangaeaPangaea – Drag/DropPangaea – InteractiveParallaxPeriglacial Ice WedgesPerihelionPermeabilityPhotosynthesisPhotosynthesis – DetailedPhotosynthesis – Drag/DropPhotovoltaic CellspH Scale – PHET InteractivePhysical Weathering – ExamplesPlane of Ecliptic – SeasonsPlanetsPlanets – 3D MapsPlanets – DefinitionPlanets – Detecting LifePlanets – Magnetic FieldsPlanets – SizesPlate IdentificationPlate Tectonics – Alfred WegenerPlate Tectonics – EvidencePlate Tectonics – GamePlate Tectonics – HawaiiPlate Tectonics – InteractivePlate Tectonics – IntroductionPlate Tectonics – Lake Mead, NVPlate Tectonics – LandscapesPluton – VideoPluton – VisualPoisoned Waters – Biggest PolluterPoisoned Waters – Drinking WaterPoisoned Waters – Fight PollutionPoisoned Waters – Growing FoodPoisoned Waters – Land Use,Poisoned Waters – Save HabitatsPoisoned Waters – Storm Water RunoffPoisoned Waters – Urban SprawlPoisoned Waters – Warning SignalsPollution – Acid Impacts on LifePopulation Pyramid – U.S.Potential/Kinetic EnergyPowers of TenPrecessionPrecipitationPrecipitation – GlobalPrecipitation Type (8.19)Pressure – FrontsPressure – HeightPyroclastic FlowPyroclastic Flow – JapanPyroclastic Flow – Origin
Radiation – SourcesRadio TelescopeRadioactive Dating Game – PHET InteractiveRadioactive Half LifeRainbowsRain-Shadow EffectRain-Shadow Effect – Sierra Nevada MountainsRain Splash Erosion, Recycle City,Recycling PlantReflecting TelescopeRefracting TelescopeRefractionResidence TimeRetrograde MotionRetrograde Motion 2Rhine River – PollutionRiver – DepositionRiver – Sediment TransportRiver – Sediment Transport (Detailed)RiversRocks and MineralsRocky CoastsRover – AnatomyRunoff – GlobalRunoff – Storm Water
Safeguarding Alaska’s WatersSaffir Simpson Scale 1Saffir Simpson Scale 2Salt CrystallizationSalt DissolvingSaltationSamoa – Island Under ThreatSan Andreas FaultSandbar FormationSandy CoastsSatellites,Satellites Orbiting EarthScaleSea BreezeSea Floor SpreadingSea Level Change – Antarctic IceSea Surface TemperatureSeasonsSeasons – CauseSeasons – Earth in MotionSeasons – Global ViewSeasons – Intensity & DeclinationSecond Law Thermodynamics, Sedimentary Rock FormationSeeing Stars – Other UniversesSeicheSeismic Signals - VolcanoesSeismic Waves – TypeSeismograph 1Seismograph 2,Seismograph – InteractiveSeismometer – MakingSewage TreatmentShadows, Lunar Phases, and EclipsesShanty Town DevelopmentShip SidesSidereal DaySinkholeSinkhole Formation – SubsidenceSnow – SeasonalSnowball EarthSoil – BioturbationSoil – Composition 1Soil – Composition 2Soil – Permeability TestSoil – TextureSoil Around the WorldSoil Erosion – Rain GardensSoil HealthSoil Horizon – OriginSoil Microbes and Global WarmingSoil Moisture – GlobalSoil Orders – GlobalSolar CarSolar Eclipse 1Solar Eclipse 2Solar HouseSolar MagnetismSolar Paint Your RoofSolar Panels For the HomeSolar PowerSolar System – Origin 1Solar System – Origin 2Solar System – Origin 3Solar WindSonar MappingSonic Boom – FlybySound – PHET InteractiveSpace Exploration EquipmentSpace Exploration TimelineSpace Shuttle TilesSpace SuitsSpectraSpiral Galaxies,  Spit FormationStack ErosionStar DistanceStates of MatterStates of Matter 2Stream RestorationStream Water TreatmentStorm SoundsStorm Surge – KatrinaStorm Tracking,  Strike and DipStudents Protecting the EnvironmentSuccession – PrimarySuccession – Primary/MoraineSuccession – SecondarySun – Angle & Heating (3.2)Sun – CharacteristicsSun – DeclinationSun – EvolutionSunrise and SunsetSupernova – OriginSurface Area – Weathering
Tectonic Plates and Plate BoundariesTectonic Plates, Earthquakes, and VolcanoesTectonic Plates Movement – AlaskaTelescope ImagesTelescope Technology – HawaiiTemperature – GlobalThermohaline Circulation,Thunderstorm – FormationThunderstorm – SatelliteThunderstorm – Stages (15.1)Tidal BoreTidesTides – Moon DeclinationTitan – Saturn’s MoonTornado – ChasingTornado – Chasing FootageTornado – Cross-SectionTornado Damage – 1Tornado Damage 2Tornado Demo 1Tornado Demo – 2Tornado – FormationTransgression/RegressionT. rex BloodTropical GlaciersTsunami – AlaskaTsunami – AnatomyTsunami – DetectionTsunami – FormationTsunami – HistoryTsunami – ModuleTsunami – TravelTsunami Origin – IndonesiaTunnel – Cumberland
Unconformities – TypesUnderground Mining MethodsUnderground Stream Water TreatmentUnderwater HotspotsUniverse – HistoryUniverse – Hubble DiscoveriesUniverse – OriginUniverse – SizeUniverse – Studies,UpwellingUrban Solutions to Water PollutionUrban Sprawl – ChinaUrban Sprawl – PhoenixU.S. Energy Use
Vegetation – GlobalViscosityViscosity – InteractiveVisualizing TopographyVolcanismVolcano – Aftermath of PinatuboVolcano – AlaskaVolcano – AnatomyVolcano – Eruption ForecastingVolcano – Eruptions and HazardsVolcano – Features 1Volcano – Features 2Volcano – Fountain EruptionVolcano – InfraredVolcano – Module 1Volcano – Module 2Volcano – Prediction of PinatuboVolcanoes
Warm and Cold FrontsWarm FrontWarming Trend and Greenhouse EffectWaterWater – ContaminantsWater – PollutionWater Conservation – CalculatorWater Conservation – GameWater Conservation – Denver, CO,Water Conservation – HomeWater Conservation – IsraelWater Conservation – MexicoWater Cycle 1Water Cycle 2Water Cycle 3Water Cycle 4Water Cycle – Pesticide EffectsWater Cycle – Solar Still 1Water Cycle – Solar Still 2Water Distribution – GlobalWater ErosionWater Filters – ZoomWater Purification 1Water Purification 2Water Purification 3Water Purification 4Water Supply – NitratesWater Use – ShoweringWater Vapor CirculationWater Vapor SatelliteWaterfall – FormationWaterfall – IguazuWaterfall – NiagaraWatershedWatershed – CaliforniaWatershed – MississippiWatershed AssociationsWatershed Delineation,WaterspoutWaterspout (15.43)Wave Cut TerraceWave CycloneWave Interference – PHET InteractiveWaves on a String – PHET InteractiveWave RefractionWaves – Deep WaterWaves – LargeWaves – Shallow WaterWeather 1Weather 2Weather InstrumentsWeather Patterns – Great Flood of 1993,  Weathering – MineralsWeathering – ModuleWetlandsWind FarmWind Power
Yellowstone National Park

Zenith – Motion
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